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Organisational consultant, leadership coach, Helping Leaders Develop The Professional And Emotional Skills That Are Needed In Today's Business World.

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עד גיל 25 אישה מרוויחה 99 סנט על כל דולר שגבר מרוויח, בגיל 45 הפער הזה כבר קרוב ל 30% ורק אחת לשמונה מנהלים היא מנהלת.
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Awareness and practice are the 2 keys to change

  • Leadership and Management Development Training in startups and scaleups specialising in communication challenges, effective team building and change management in global organisations

  • Over 7 years of coaching services to executives and mid-level managers, including leaders from renawned organisations such as R/GA, IronSource and Papaya. Including enhancing leadership skills, communication and interpersonal skills

  • Experienced speaker and facilitator including talks and webinars in award winning organisations such as Wix, Hi-Bob and RGA. Topics include – Multicultural Challenges in Global Organisations and How Career Development Has Changed.


As an executive coach, my primary focus is on helping leaders bridge the gap between their capabilities and the roles they occupy. Through personalized coaching, I help my clients identify their strengths and areas for development, while providing them with the tools and strategies they need to enhance their performance and achieve their goals.
In particular, I am passionate about supporting female leaders as they navigate the challenges of the workplace. As a woman myself, I understand the unique obstacles that women face in leadership positions, and I am committed to helping them overcome these challenges and succeed in their careers.
As an organizational consultant, I specialize in leadership development in startups and scale-ups in multicultural organizations. I understand the complexities of building and managing teams in these fast-paced environments, and I am committed to helping my clients create a healthier workplace culture through improved communication and soft skills.
My clients include: Hi-bob, Wix, Papaya, Endava, Google, RG/A

Whether you are an executive looking to enhance your leadership abilities or a startup founder seeking to build a high-performing team, I am here to help. With my expertise in coaching and organizational consulting, I can help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.


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