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Organisational consultant, leadership coach, Helping Leaders Develop The Professional And Emotional Skills That Are Needed In Today's Business World.

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עד גיל 25 אישה מרוויחה 99 סנט על כל דולר שגבר מרוויח, בגיל 45 הפער הזה כבר קרוב ל 30% ורק אחת לשמונה מנהלים היא מנהלת.
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My clients:

My clients are executives, managers, business owners, founders, leaders and teams. I help light the spark of change.

I offer 1:1 leadership coaching, personal and team building workshops and talks

My mission is to support executors transform into leaders and set the foundations of scale in organizations.

My work focuses on:

My work is based on psychological theories such as- Adult Development Theories, Polarities and The leadership circle, I use the most up to date tools and frameworks to grow strengths, become fully aware of weaknesses and practice more useful behaviors.


*Getting the foundations right! Helping companies identify the crucial starting point to every thriving organization- mission, vision and values.


*Executive Coaching- Supporting and accelerating professional and personal development in alignment to the organization’s development. Helping managers transform into leaders.


*Training and facilitation leadership development programs focusing on key soft/human leadership skills.How to  improve communication skills and build team dynamics – giving feedback, collaborating, practicing empathy, decision making. 


*Building the People’s foundation – from 1:1 template to reviews, interviewing and onboarding, I create infrastructure, system and tools, implementing process and policies I can help you get the heart of the company aligned and set for success and scale. How to create diverse and inclusive organizations that create a welcoming culture.

Among my clients