3 Thoughts about freedom

1.Real freedom isn’t about an exotic holiday destination. Not in Thailand nor Mexico.True freedom is in our minds. There is a widespread misconception that beliefs are not a choice. But beliefs are just thoughts. Interpretations that have become facts somewhere along the line. We embraced them because they were passed on to us by significant personas in our lives or we chose to embrace them because they served a necessary purpose. In order to continue growing we will almost always need to explore our beliefs and let go of those that no longer work. True freedom is letting go of those thoughts that stop and withhold us. Freedom to choose thoughts that are good for us. That make us stronger. True freedom is a place where we choose to let go and allow ourselves. Allow ourselves to make mistakes. To fail. To try again. To love ourselves. To feel the way we look on the most photogenic posts on the beach with a coconut shake at hand.

2. There is no freedom without structured environment. In the past women had no freedom but had clear knowledge of where they belong and what is expected of them. Men went to work while women raised the kids and took care of the household. In the fight for freedom we were granted additional responsibilities. You are a mother, a homemaker and a career woman. Goodbye freedom and hello juggling. If both of you have careers and both of you raise the children, none of you will give a f*** about doing laundry. In the past we fought for our right to vote. Today we fight for our freedom to watch Netflix quietly.

3. Although the social complexity of being a career mum, freedom’s biggest enemy is a very trendy state called “busy”. When you ask someone how she is and she responds “So busy”. or “crazy” or “manic”. And it’s not that it’s not true that we are busy, but notice that this reply is almost always given with a smile that reflects also pride. Because behind this “being busy” there is a belief that if I am busy I am significant. Being busy is so legitimate in today’s society that we never really explore it. And the truth is that when we actually analyze being busy to an extent that we are “drowning in things to do” this is actually a state of not being efficient with our planning and time use. We are used to thinking that going with the flow is something that we do when we are on holiday, but the truth is that in our reality the most effective way to guarantee that you are able to go on holiday is to plan it.

***With all that said,  I’m still so happy we’re going on holiday!