3 Thoughts About Pride

Pride is the feeling of good enough at anything. Not more nor less than anyone else. A feeling of worthiness. Perhaps not yet the best in the field but definitely worthy of taking space. Pride is not ego. Pride is the feeling of self worthiness. Pride is the reason to ask for a raise. Pride […]

The real problem with multitasking is that we believe in it

A usual morning- you are tying a shoelace, preparing a sandwich, putting on lipstick and making an excuse in your head as to why you are 10 minutes late for a meeting, while the man of the house is  in his safe place- the bathroom. Many women refer to multitasking as our superpower, but I […]

3 Thoughts about freedom

1.Real freedom isn’t about an exotic holiday destination. Not in Thailand nor Mexico.True freedom is in our minds. There is a widespread misconception that beliefs are not a choice. But beliefs are just thoughts. Interpretations that have become facts somewhere along the line. We embraced them because they were passed on to us by significant […]