Are You Ready to Fall in Love with Your Life?


  • Desiring to achieve your professional potential
  • Gaining the confidence you’ve always wanted
  • Searching for a work-life balance
  • Dreaming of becoming your own boss

While you rewrite the story of your life to one you want to live, my job will be to –

  • Listen. Carefully. And understand together what is the story you are currently telling yourself about who you are and the role you are playing.
  • Understand what is your personal mission. What do you feel passionate about in life
  • Look courageously at limiting beliefs you have adopted along the way as a way to protect yourself, but no longer serve you.
  • Rewriting your life as a powerful positive story you are excited to live
  • Set a goal
  • Create a simple, effective and efficient strategy to get you started on a  more fulfilling, happier life (:

After 15 years of screenwriting for Israel’s top networks and production companies, my eldest daughter was born and with her a desire for change. Being a people’s person – that friend you consult with about your life I knew I could be of help for others . Being a professional writer made me an expert in asking good questions. Being a go-getter all my life made me have a deep understanding in how to set and achieve goals.

Moving to London started my new professional path. I discovered coaching and realized that my mission is to help rewrite the stories they have been telling themselves.

My mission is to support women to reach their full professional potential and master a work-life balance for a life that they never thought existed in reality.

I’m here to help you rewrite your life and make it your favorite story.


  • Philosophy studies Tel Aviv University
  • LCU Intro to Business Coaching
  • Animas Centre – Transformative coaching (ICF Accredited)


  • Group coaching
  • Coaching for Therapists Therapy for Coaching

How Do I work?

1:1 sessions in London or online sessions from anywhere in the world.

If you want to give it a try you are welcome to drop me a line. I offer an introductory session free of charge so that we can see if we are a good fit.

I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate working with Maya. After just a few sessions with her, I’ve already started finding clarity and direction that I was previously lacking. Maya is a tremendous listener who guides and supports, but ultimately allows me to find answers to my own questions. I look forward to continuing to work with Maya, and highly recommend her to others!

Beth Brown – Global VP Client Services, Experience at Essence

Maya is a true gem, she listens empathetically, offers intelligent insights and strategies effective next steps. I feel blessed to have met her as she has encouraged me to create an intentional and meaningful life that I am thrilled to live.

Yael Zwanziger – Marketing Manager